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Disc Replacement Specialist

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Disc replacement surgery provides relief from back pain without the loss of flexibility that spinal fusion surgery causes. Board-certified, multi-fellowship-trained neurosurgeon Scott Glickman, DO, FACOS, offers artificial disc replacement at the Center for Neurosurgery Las Vegas. To find out if disc replacement is right for you, call the office in Las Vegas, Nevada, today or request an appointment online.

Disc Replacement Q & A

What is disc replacement?

When a spinal disc wears out or is damaged, it can cause pain. Disc replacement is surgery to remove a painful disc and replace it with an artificial one. The purpose of disc replacement is to relieve back pain while preserving your ability to move normally.

For some people, disc replacement is an alternative to spinal fusion, a more common surgery to treat painful discs. Spinal fusion permanently bonds two vertebrae together, preventing the normal motion of the spine.

Who is a candidate for disc replacement?

Artificial disc replacement is a treatment for lower back pain that continues despite conservative treatments like physical therapy and medication. However, not everyone with lower back pain is a candidate for this procedure.

Dr. Glickman will recommend disc replacement if you:

  • Have back pain caused by one or more discs in the lumbar spine
  • Don’t have significant facet joint disease or nerve compression in the spine
  • Aren’t excessively overweight
  • Haven’t had previous spine surgery
  • Don’t have scoliosis or another spinal deformity

To determine if you’re a candidate, Dr. Glickman will require a few tests, like discography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and X-ray.

What should I expect from a disc replacement?

Disc replacement is a major surgery that requires general anesthesia and a hospital stay. The procedure usually takes 2-3 hours.

Dr. Glickman accesses your lower spine through an incision in your abdomen. This approach allows him to access your spine without moving nerves. He removes the painful disc and inserts an artificial implant in its place.

Many artificial disc designs are available. Dr. Glickman discusses the choices with you then chooses the best design for your specific needs.

What is the recovery like after a disc replacement?

Most people stay in the hospital for 1-3 days after disc replacement surgery. You’ll stand and walk the first day after surgery and begin basic exercises during the first several weeks. It’s important to follow your exercise plan and avoid activities that can overextend your back during this time.

If you’re considering a disc replacement, call the Center for Neurosurgery Las Vegas today, or book an appointment online.